Adentro habita tu libertad inglés
Adentro habita tu libertad

My book: Adentro habita tu libertad

Have you ever wondered about the actual impact your emotions, beliefs, and actions have on your life?

In this book, the author reminds us that everything we do has an impact on our inner selves, and that the situations that leave the most significant mark on us at a given moment in our life build structures that condition our behavior, regardless of their positive or negative nature.

The problem is that often we become accustomed to turning our backs on this reality, suffering from wounds that have not healed, and unfairly questioning the reality that, in one way or another, we have created ourselves. The good news is that we can use that same power to perceive life in a different way.

Embark on a thrilling journey by reading ‘Adentro habita tu libertad’ where you will learn about the guidelines I have discovered, as a daughter, wife, human being and companion in personal development processes. These helped me to get out of personal stagnation and inevitably place myself in the position of being the owner of my life.

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